Child Development Programme

As parents, we all like to know that our children are happy, content, acquiring new skills and generally progressing well. At Merdyn we recognise the need for parents to be kept up to date on their child's progress. Each child has an appointed member of staff (know as their key worker) who will liaise with parents on a daily basis, supplying a verbal debrief on their child’s day, accompanied by a written report for our younger children.

Our activity programmes are based on the seven areas of learning as recommended by leading Early Years Educationalists thereby ensuring that children at Merdyn participate in well balanced and stimulating structured play.

An important aspect of each day is our quiet time. During this period children have time to relax, rest and listen to story telling or favourite videos.

In 2011 we were assessed and awarded the “All Ireland Centre of Excellence Award” . This is the highest accreditation in Ireland a nursery can achieve and reflects the professionalism, commitment and affection our staff have for the children in their care.


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