Our Rooms

Merdyn provides high quality and loving childcare for children aged between six weeks and five years old. We have five age specific rooms including babies, tiny tots, toddlers, pre-school juniors and pre-school seniors.

Baby Room

Babies 6 weeks to 15/18 months. Babies are offered a curriculum that engages all areas of development. Sensory and heuristic play is the focus. The baby room has a separate sleep area, outside play area and kitchen unit as well as a very large open plan play room.

Tiny Tots

15/18 months to 24/26 months. Our Tiny Tots love to explore messy and creative activities. Music, storytelling, arts and crafts, free play and outside play are all available within the daily routine. Tiny Tots take an afternoon nap on their beds everday and, with the option of two playrooms those who do not wish to sleep can enjoy further activities whilst leaving the sleepers to relax.


24/26 to 33/36 months. Our Toddler children like to be busy all day long and their curriculum ensures that the children have an abundance of choice throughout the day. They enjoy at least two outdoor play sessions daily and are offered an array of indoor creative, physical and challenging activities to assist in achieving their learning outcomes.

Pre-school Juniors

33/36 to 42 months . Our juniors begin to experience independence in all areas of learning. We follow the early years foundation stage guidelines and the curriculum is delivered informally allowing children to learn through play based activities. We believe in encouraging imagination and role play within this age group and planning is led by the children in the direction they wish it to go.

Pre-school Seniors

Children in the year before entering Primary School will be accommodated in seniors. Our seniors’ room is an extension of the junior room and it’s curriculum. Further focus is put on independence and self help skills, as well as empowerment and confidence building. The junior and senior children spend time daily playing outside together and they have the added bonus of the Eco Garden. Seniors also take part in weekly PE sessions within the setting. Senior children are very well prepared for school by the end of the academic year, which we celebrate with a Graduation Ceremony and party.