About Us

Committed, creative and caring. Where ordinary people do extraordinary things every day.

Our Staff

We believe that professional, highly motivated and enthusiastic staff are the key to a successful day care setting. Children learn best from those with a varied and experienced knowledge so our staff are recruited for their experience, passion and dedication to early year’s education.

Staff are informed and up to date in current thinking and research bringing fresh new methods into the nursery to give your child the best early years experiences.

Our partnership with Parents

We value the input of parents at Merdyn and strive to build close relationships between the home and the nursery in order to enhance your child’s learning and development journey.

You will be able to talk to us about your child on a daily basis and we will share information about your child’s day on collection (written and verbal). You will also receive written progress reports as your child moves through the setting.

We always welcome feedback and operate an open door policy.

Our Education and Curriculums

Merdyn Day Nursery offers all children age appropriate curriculums of activities that are designed to meet their developmental needs. These activities’ are endorsed by Early Years experts and the Department of Education and Learning. Throughout the nursery children are seen as individuals and are given the opportunity to develop and learn at their own pace. During the year we have visitors to the nursery including interactive theatre, animal workshops, and therapy animals to enhance your child’s early education.